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Posts made in August 2018

Office Printer Etiquette Tips – Pt. 2

person using office printerIn our last post, we discussed three of the unspoken rules of printer etiquette. Just like the rules governing the office kitchen, there are many things you should be keeping in mind when using the printer in your office. Here are three more printing etiquette rules to help you keep the peace with your coworkers.

Don’t Leave your Stuff Behind

When you make prints, be sure that you are picking them up promptly. If you leave your prints for too long, someone will inevitably try to print something, and then accidentally pick up your prints along with theirs. Once they get back to their desk and realize what happened, they will have to sort through and separate their prints from yours and go all the way back to the printer to return the prints they didn’t make. Save time for others and get your prints as soon as you print them.

Don’t Take Someone Else’s Prints

Let’s say someone else just broke the “don’t leave your prints behind” rule. What should you do? When you pick up your prints, look through each page at the machine to make sure you are not taking anyone else’s prints from the tray. It only takes a few seconds and saves a lot of confusion. This trick will save you time, and it will save the other person the worry that comes with going to the printer only to find their documents are gone.

Report Issues with the Printer Right Away

No one wants to deal with a broken printer, and you shouldn’t be expected to fix every problem you encounter. However, if you notice that the printer is not functioning correctly, you should report it right away to save everyone the trouble of figuring it out for themselves.

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Office Printer Etiquette Tips – Pt. 1

businessman making copiesThere is a lot of social etiquette to learn when you work in an office, from the shared kitchen to your cubicles. Just like everything else, printing at the office comes with its own set of rules.

Always Reload

You wouldn’t put an empty milk jug back in the fridge, so don’t leave an empty printer for your colleagues. If you use up the last of the paper, ink, or toner, refill it before you go back to your desk. It is a common courtesy that goes a long way towards keeping the peace in your office. Your coworkers will appreciate not being left high and dry when they try to print.

Don’t Leave a Jam

If the paper jams, don’t leave the problem for the next person. A paper jam can be time-consuming and frustrating to sort out, but if you walk away and someone else tries to print something while it’s jammed, you’re going to have some angry coworkers on your hands.

Let the Smaller Jobs Go First

Have you ever gone to the grocery store to buy a single item, and someone with a full cart graciously let you go in front of them in the line? It is a considerate gesture that you should pass along to your colleagues when you use the printer. If you have to print a huge document and your coworker has to make one copy, let them go first to save time.

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