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Posts made in October 2018

Troubleshooting Your Printer

colleagues working in office in front of computerNothing is quite as frustrating as a finicky printer when you have an important document to print. Here is an essential guide to troubleshooting your printing problems:

Restart Your Printer – Sometimes all your printer needs is to be turned off and back on again. When you call IT about a technology problem, this is always the first thing they suggest, because it frequently works.

Restart Your Computer – There’s a possibility that the printer isn’t having any problems at all, you just have an issue with your computer.

Check the Connections – Check that everything is connected correctly, you’d be surprised at how many issues you can solve this way.

Check the Status – Your printer will sometimes tell you what is wrong with it, so be sure to check the control panel on your computer. It will often tell you exactly what is wrong so you can fix it.

Check the Print Queue – There’s a chance that someone has clogged the print queue, so check to see if any print jobs are queued up. If you have permissions to edit the queue, clear the print jobs that are causing the clog and that should be enough to get everything running smoothly again.

Get a New Printer – If you are continually having issues with your printer, sometimes it is best just to get rid of it and get a new one.

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What Do the Different Colors on Your Ink Cartridges Mean?

commercial printers dallas txIf you own a color printer, you’re probably aware that your ink cartridges contain four different colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. You may get a warning from time to time that a specific color is low. What you may not know is how is it possible for these four colors to combine and create a wide variety of colors that we print every day.

The Four Base Colors

As we previously mentioned, color printer ink cartridges rely on four colors: black, magenta, cyan, and yellow. These color values can be combined to create every other color when reproducing an image.

How They Are Combined

Printers create small dots with these four colors, placed at different angles to create an accurate reproduction of an image. This color system is the most widely used in color printing, whether it is the digital printers in your office or a large multi-function printer using printing plates.

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The Best Place to Buy Lexmark Printers for Your Business

man making copies on a lexmark printerWhen you are seeking high-quality printers and copiers for your office, you can’t go wrong with Lexmark printers. CESCO Inc. carries a wide selection of Lexmark printers in Dallas, TX. Purchasing your printers from us comes with some great benefits.

A Great Selection

With tons of Lexmark products available, including printers, copiers, projectors, and flat panel displays, you have a great selection to choose from. There is a great chance that something from the Lexmark line of products will fit your business’ needs. We carry monochrome printers, color printers, multi-function printers, and even healthcare and trade-compliant models.

Continued Service

Not only do we sell high-quality printers and copiers to local businesses in the Dallas area, but we also repair them. Our repair services are affordable and efficient so you can be sure you are getting the best bang for your buck when you purchase a Lexmark printer from CESCO Inc.

Affordable Prices

Our goal is to provide you with high-quality office equipment without compromising on the quality of our products and services. When you are looking for affordable Lexmark printers in Dallas, TX, call CESCO Inc. at 1 (866) 820-7409. Our experienced and friendly staff is ready to help you find the perfect printing products for your business.