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Service Experience is the Difference

The best IT Equipment Software, Solutions and Services are made simple with the help of the office automation experts at CESCO Inc. We give our clients a wide range of options through our IT and Office Products Company in Dallas, TX. From affordable copiers to multifunction printers, computers, laptops, servers, and shipping and mailing equipment, to software automated solution services to security options. CESCO is available to assist you in Rubrik Digital Transformation utilizing continuous cloud data protection, ransomware recovery, in addition to cybersecurity management resources. Reach out to our sales /technical team today to learn more about the products we offer in digitized office solutions.

Since 1965, CESCO Inc. has been a premier provider of office equipment, software solutions, and supplies. Our partners are the best in the business, including Xerox, HP, Lexmark, Brother, Epson, Quadient, Dell, and HP. Additional partnerships provide for the extra solutions needed for a 21st century enterprise, like Y Soft print release. Being an Authorized Business Partner ensures we are a certified service provider for each partner. We act as their support, sales, service and consulting resource for your enterprise, helping with digital transformations, cost savings and the creation of sustainable business initiatives. CESCO has a longstanding history of serving enterprises at every level, from major corporations to small businesses to local non-profits. Our sole focus is to provide exceptional products, impeccable services, and reliable solutions, all based on your budget. IT Equipment & Software services solutions are provided with a dedication to quality, responsiveness, and sustainability for the long term. The team at CESCO, Inc. is ready to serve you with innovation, collaboration and digitized transformation.

Meet Our President and CEO

Billie Bryant Schultz is a long-time visionary for women entrepreneurs. She is a founding board member of the Women’s Business Council Southwest (formerly the North Texas Women’s Business Council) and continues to be an active member of their Board of Directors. Billie helped to establish the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and served on its board for more than 10 years. She continues to make her mark by supporting the role of women in business. She is currently the Chair Emeritus of the Women’s Leadership Forum of WBENC. She is also a member of the WBENC named Women of Distinction. Billie is also involved in a very successful mentoring program for young girls with two other women’s organizations for STEM and STEAM.

Billie continues to serve on several boards and committees that are dedicated to improving women’s certification and procurement opportunities for private and government contracts. Although Billie and her company have received many accolades over the years, her most treasured awards are the WBENC Applause Award and the Pioneering Choice Award. These awards specifically recognized Billie for helping in breaking down the barriers with the creation of a creditable certification process for women business owners that was preventing women from being accepted into mainstream markets. This valuable certification documentation continues to assist many women in growing their businesses today. The certification is the document that validates who you are as Women Owned and then it is up to you to prove your value in reaching small, medium and major markets.

Capabilities Statement