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Common Printer Issues and How to Solve Them

paper jamNothing slows down activity at the office like an uncooperative printer. Here are a handful of common printer issues that you can solve on your own:

  • Slow Printing – The speed of your printer depends a lot on the make and model you choose, but there are ways that you can increase the speed of your printer. For day to day printing, the highest quality print is not necessary. If you print at a slightly lower quality for anything that isn’t a presentation, you will add some valuable time back into your day.
  • Paper Jams – Today’s printers are much better at preventing paper jams than in the past. When you do get a paper jam, it is likely because the paper is not aligned right or because the tray is too full. When you reload the printer with new paper, make sure you align the stack neatly with the guides and avoid over-filling the tray.
  • Printer Won’t Print – There are a few reasons why a printer may not be functioning:
    • Check for Error Messages – If you’re getting an error message on your printer, take the next steps to correct the warning and then see if you can
    • Check the USB or Ethernet – If you aren’t getting error messages, or have corrected the previous problem and still cannot print, check the USB or Ethernet connection. If you have a wireless printer in your office, check that it is connected to Wi-Fi and that it is in the right
    • Check the Software – The software for the printer needs to be installed on the computer you are printing from. Check that you have the latest version of the software installed. It may need to be reinstalled if it has been corrupted.

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