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Features to Look for in a Multi-Function Copier

copy machineThe copy machine is a staple of any office, so it’s important to make sure you purchase a multi-function copier that comes equipped with every feature you need to perform your day-to-day tasks more efficiently. Here are some features to look for when you are purchasing multi-function copiers in Dallas.

Multifunctional – An all-in-one copier may be an excellent investment for your office because it eliminates the need to buy both a printer and copier. Multifunctional copiers can copy, print, scan, email, and fax documents.

Automatic Document Feeder – Instead of placing the documents you wish to copy onto the glass copying surface, a copier with an automatic document feeder will automatically grab the original documents page by page from the feeder. This makes copying multi-page document much more simple and efficient.

Changing Sizes – A copier that can adjust the size of a document is incredibly useful. With this feature, you can copy legal-size documents onto letter-size paper without difficulty. This eliminates the need to purchases multiple paper sizes.

Sorting – Automatic sorting is essential for printing multi-page documents. These copiers can also staple or bind the documents as they copy, making your workflow more efficient.

Two-Sided Copying – Two-sided copying saves paper costs and is much more eco-friendly.

When you need a multi-function copier, make CESCO Inc. your first choice. Our team will help you select a copier with all of the essential features you need to run your business efficiently.