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6 Tips for Maintaining Your Commercial Printers in Dallas, TX

When it comes to commercial printers, you’re always going to encounter issues – even if you own one of the newer, fancier models. While newer models do not need quite as much maintenance as their predecessors, you will still need to do some. Here are six maintenance tips you can use to maintain your commercial printers in Dallas, TX.

Safety First – Whenever you have to perform maintenance on your printer, safety comes first. Before you open up your printer, make sure it is turned off. Avoid touching moving parts and hot fusers to prevent damage to both the printer and yourself.

Clean the Printer Heads – If your prints are coming out with missing ink and have white lines running through images and text, your printer heads are probably clogged. The manual that came with your commercial printers in Dallas, TX, should explain how to clean them properly.

Remove Dust and Debris – Use a small vacuum to remove dust and debris from inside your printer. Keeping the insides of the printer clean prevents jams and ink streaks. You may also use a cotton swab dampened with purified water to clean the ink cartridges.

Resolve Mechanical Errors – Whenever an error like a paper jam occurs, always refer to the instruction manual that came with the printer to resolve the mechanical error. Incorrectly dealing with mechanical issues can lead to more issues in the long run.

Maintenance Kits – Some manufacturers offer a maintenance kit for their products, which can help you keep your printer working smoothly when the original parts start to wear down. These kits come with cleaning supplies as well as replacement parts like rollers.

  • Tip: Dirty or worn out rollers are a common cause of printer jams, so make sure the rollers are still in good condition when you are experiencing problems with your printer.

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