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Make Your Office More Efficient when Your Order Printers in Dallas, TX

You can go paperless on bills, and have your receipts mailed to you in some stores, but we haven’t yet created a truly paperless office. One of the most significant problems that offices of any size have is reducing their printing costs. Here are some tips you can use to maximize efficiency when you order printers in Dallas, TX.

Choosing a More Efficient Printer

Of course one of the best ways to make your office printer more efficient is to select a printer that is more efficient from the start. Analyse your printing needs and order printers in Dallas, TX, that meet those needs. For example, inkjet printers are more affordable and are reasonably efficient, but if you are printing thousands of pages per month, you’d be better off with a traditional laser printer.

Reduce Running Costs

Look for printers with high-yield ink and toner cartridges. This goes a long way towards reducing the cost of running the printer.

Look Through  the Settings

The on-screen menu of your printer can be your best friend when it comes to maximizing efficiency. Look for options like sleep mode or low-power that can drastically reduce energy consumption while you are not using the printer.

Economy Mode

Some printers have the option for draft or economy mode, which uses less ink and toner. You can use the higher-quality modes for presentations and important documents, but economy mode saves a lot on ink and toner for everyday printing needs.

Choose Black and White

You can also save money by printing in black and white unless it is necessary. Even some graphs and charts are still perfectly readable in black and grey ink. Color inks and toners are more expensive, so if you save them for important presentations, you save on printing costs.

Double Up

If you don’t have “print on both sides” saved as the default setting on your office printer, do it now. Printing double-siding documents can cut your paper costs in half, and reduce the amount of paper clutter in your desk.

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