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Simple Ways to Save Money on Printing – Pt. 1

hand dropping a penny into glass piggy bank When you are running a business, staying within budget is important. This includes the amount of money you spend on essential office supplies like printers and ink. Many people find that the cost of printing documents eats up a significant portion of the office supply budget, so we’re here to show you some of the ways that you can pinch some pennies when you print.

It’s not always about buying the cheapest printer. In fact, buying the cheapest printer available may wind up costing more in the end. Starting with a quality printer ensures that you will need fewer repairs, and better quality printers tend to use ink more efficiently.

Change print quality when necessary. Many printers have an option called “draft mode.” This means that the print quality will be reduced, and the machine will use less ink. Unless you are using the document for an official presentation, using the draft mode is a useful tool to help you preserve ink.

Low ink warnings are not a red alert. Older printers tend to start sending low ink warnings when the cartridge is still about 40% full. If you have a newer printer, it will be more accurate. However, printers will send alerts when there is still a decent amount of ink. Use the warnings as your cue to purchase new cartridges, but don’t replace them until you are truly out of ink.

Double check all work before printing. Take the time to comb through each document before printing to check for errors. This will save you money on reprinting documents when something needs to be corrected post-print.

These are just four of the ways you can save money. In our next post, we will show you four more ways to save. When you’re looking to save money without sacrificing quality, you can shop for affordable printers in Dallas, TX, at CESCO Inc.