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Why You’ll Love Xerox eConcierge

smiling woman using Xerox eConcierge on a tabletThink of the most inconvenient time for your printers to run out of ink, and that is when you’re most likely to run out. But what if you didn’t have to worry about it? What if you always had the toner and ink you need? When you sign up for Xerox eConcierge, that is exactly what you get. If you rely on Xerox multi-function printers in Dallas, TX, at your business, it pays to sign up for this service through Cesco Inc.

Never Run Out of Supplies

The most significant service eConcierge provides is peace of mind. We monitor your network printers, and when the ink and toner get low, we automatically generate a supply order. All you have to do is authorize it, and your supplies are replenished right away.

Easy Ordering System

Filling out supply orders can be a hassle, trying to match part numbers to the printer models. We do all of the work for you so that you can get your order submitted with just a few clicks. It’s so easy you’ll wonder why you didn’t sign up earlier.

No Contracts or Commitments

If you no longer want to use eConcierge, all you have to do is stop authorizing orders. There are no contracts to sign, so you can opt out whenever you wish.

Free Service for Your Xerox Devices

When you sign up for eConcierge through Cesco Inc., we provide free service, including parts and labor, for all of your eligible Xerox devices.

Contact the team at Cesco Inc. to sign up for eConcierge today.