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Let’s Make Now Work

NOW is here. Are you ready to work differently?
Leading businesses are prioritizing investment in ways to draw ideas from data, automate workflows, personalize at scale and power up a flexible workforce.
How does Xerox help you make NOW work for your business?

Automate Workflow.
Digitize data. Secure it in the cloud. Integrate it to automate your workflow.

Personalize at Scale
Bring together ideas and execution to better engage your customers with personalized experiences.

Power Up a Flexible Workplace
Modernize IT infrastructure. Equip and support business partners.

Software Designed with the User in Mind

The innovative software of Xerox printers allows you and your employees to maintain stable productivity. These multifunction machines are designed specifically to keep the focus on your work and avoid distractions. With so many options to choose from, it just makes sense to equip your workplace with the best printers available.

As an authorized Xerox partner, we are qualified to assist you in selecting the right solution for your business and the services you provide. Our company also offers maintenance for both warranted and out-of-warranty Xerox products, ensuring that you and your employees will have access to the best performance and supplies. Please don’t hesitate to contact CESCO Inc. if you have any questions or concerns about our printer products and repair services.